👋 Hi!

My name is Shuzhou Yang, and I am a 2nd-year Ph.D. student in PKU Computer Science, Peking University, supervised by Prof. Jian Zhang. Previously, I received my B.Eng degree from DLUT Dalian University of Technology in 2022.

My primary research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning, mainly focusing on visual Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), Novel View Synthesis, and Low-level Vision. You are welcome to contact me via my email: szyang AT stu.pku.edu.cn

📜 Research Area

  1. AIGC
  2. Low-level Vision
  3. Novel View Synthesis

📝 Selected Publications

 Equal Contribution†, Corresponding Author*
Neural Video Fields Editing
Shuzhou Yang, Chong Mou, Jiwen Yu, Yuhan Wang, Xiandong Meng, Jian Zhang*.
Preprint, 2023
arXiv | Project Page | Code

Editing long videos coherently via neural video fields.

DiffLLE: Diffusion-guided Domain Calibration for Unsupervised Low-light Image Enhancement
Shuzhou Yang†, Xuanyu Zhang†, Yinhuai Wang, Jiwen Yu, Yuhan Wang, Jian Zhang*.
Preprint, 2023

Bridge the gap between real scenes and training data by diffusion model prior.

Implicit Neural Representation for Cooperative Low-light Image Enhancement
Shuzhou Yang, Moxuan Ding, Yanmin Wu, Zihan Li, Jian Zhang*.
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023
arXiv | Paper | Code

Normalize images by neural representation and enhance them based on CLIP prior.

Multi-scale Synergism Ensemble Progressive and Contrastive Investigation for Image Restoration
Zhiying Jiang†, Shuzhou Yang†, Jinyuan Liu, Xin Fan, Risheng Liu*.
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM), 2023
Paper | Code

Restore image degradation through a multi-scale progressive network.

NeRFocus: Neural Radiance Field for 3D Synthetic Defocus
Yinhuai Wang†, Shuzhou Yang†, Yujie Hu, Jian Zhang*.
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop (CVPRW), 2023
arXiv | Code

Realize defocusing effect in 3D scenarios.

🏫 Educations

  • Sep’2022-Jul’2027: Ph.D. (Computer Science), PKU Peking University
  • Sep’2018-Jul’2022: B.Eng (Software Engineering), DLUT Dalian University of Technology

💻 Academic Services

  • Reviewer: IEEE TMM